Responding to the diversifying needs of an aging societywith unprecedented products and services.


Message from the CEO

Seizing the ‘graying of society’as a golden opportunity,FRANCE BED Group strives to develop products and services that attain the global standard.

Company Profile

We are company that aims to contribute to society by continuing to offer always advanced and innovative products and services marketed to today’s aging society to help people enjoy an active life, and by continuing to recommend our products and services to also help people enrich their lifestyles.

Business Overview


Eliminate barriers between group companies to demonstrate each other’s strengths. We are promoting business as one group by taking advantage of the networks.

  • Medical services business

    Medical services business

    • メディカルサービス
    • As leading company in this field, we are unfolding our own lineup of original products and services that will be helpful for our users, as well as those that provide assistance to these users.

  • Home furnishing and health business

    Home furnishing and health business

    • インテリア健康事業
    • As a leading manufacturer in the furniture and interior industry, France Bed offer high-vague-added,high-performance,and highly-original products, and continues to pursue the creation of a rich lifestyle for our customers.