Environmental Activities

Manufacturing That Considers Both People and the Environment

The eco-friendly mattress Recoplus, manufactured at our domestic operations, can be easily taken apart and recycled. This means that all of its internal parts and materials, including the springs and fabric, can be recycled with minimal effort. Moreover, we use regenerated PET resin and decomposed plant fiber as raw materials to maximize the effective use of resources. As a result, Recoplus is a mattress that is friendly to both people and the environment.


Efforts to Create a Sustainable Society

In our efforts to help create a sustainable society, we are promoting the 3Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle. When it comes to reduce (reducing the generation of waste), the France Bed Group seeks to offer high-quality products that can be used for a long time. To encourage the reuse of products, the Group is taking steps to increase the ratio of product reusability by combining its rental business with the sale of used products. As for recycling, the Group introduces recyclable materials at the development stage and designs product parts that can be easily taken apart and separated.