Social Contribution Activities

Providing Support for an Aging Society

logoFrance Bed Homecare Foundation

As of April 1, 2023, the France Bed Medical Homecare Research and Support Foundation has changed its name to the France Bed Homecare Foundation.

 The background behind the name change is the growing concept of home care.
 In recent years, Japan has been promoting the establishment of a community based system that providing integrated housing, medical care, nursing care, prevention, and lifestyle support, so that by 2025, when the baby boomer generation will be 75 years old or older, they will be able to maintain their desired lifestyle in their own familiar neighborhoods until the end of their lives. In-home care is not limited to medical care; it also includes nursing care for the elderly, daily life support for people with disabilities, and recently, support for young caregivers.

 Therefore, the Foundation has changed its name to aims to undertake new support initiative to further promote and enhance the quality of home care.
 We will continue to promote home care and contribute to society through surveys, research, and the provision and strive to make a positive impact.

Showcasing Important Cultural Properties

Furniture Museum, a general incorporated foundation

The Furniture Museum was established in 1972 under the cooperation of France Bed Group companies for the purpose of showcasing antique, regional and traditional furniture and educating future generations about the cultural importance of such furniture. In March 2005, the museum was relocated to the grounds of France Bed’s Tokyo plant.