IR Policy

IR Policy

FRANCE BED HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (“the Company”) has been making concerted efforts to provide corporate information on management policies, business activities, financial position and other aspects of the Company to all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors and securities analysts, in a timely, accurate and fair manner. In addition, the Company conducts IR activities to promote understanding of its business activities among stakeholders and to improve its shareholder value.

1. Fundamental Policy

The Company shall disclose information in accordance with the Securities Listing Regulations stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, among others. The Company also makes it its fundamental policy to disclose information deemed to be of value to investors and the general public, even when it is not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules, among others, as promptly and fairly as possible in an appropriate manner.
To ensure that this fundamental policy is effective, the Company has set up the Information Management Committee. This committee is designed to manage and control corporate information and decide on information to be disclosed (including information on subsidiaries). A director of the Company (who concurrently serves as the person responsible for handling information) serves as the chairperson of the committee while the head of each division of the Company and the general managers of the General Affairs Department and the Administration Department of the Company’s subsidiaries make up the committee’s members.

2. Disclosure Methods

In accordance with the Securities Listing Regulations, the Company shall disclose information that is subject to the said regulations through TSE’s Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) after informing TSE. Also, the Company shall post the information disclosed through TDnet on this website in a timely manner.

Please note that there may be a delay between publication of information on this website and publication on TDnet due to the need to prepare PDF files and other materials. When the Company discloses information that is not subject to the Securities Listing Regulations, it nevertheless ensures that such information is disclosed to ordinary investors as accurately and fairly as possible and in an appropriate manner, adhering to the purpose of timely disclosure.

Therefore, you are requested to refer to information disclosed through TDnet, among others, as well as on this website when you are consulting the Company’s disclosed information.

3. Forward-Looking Statements

Information posted on this website includes forward-looking statements regarding the operating results of the Company and each of its Group companies. Such forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of future operating results and involve risks and uncertainties. Please note that future operating results may be different from the Company’s targets due to a change in the business environment, among other factors.

4.This Website

This website is designed to facilitate convenience for those who wish to search for information regarding the Company online. In order to ensure the disclosure of fair and accurate information, the Company posts said information on this website as soon as possible after disclosure through TDnet. However, it regards the disclosure of information on this website solely as a secondary information source because such posting could be delayed due to information technology-related failures, among other issues.

In addition, not all information disclosed by the Company is posted on this website. Information made available on this website may be modified to a different format from that disclosed by other means. Please keep these points in mind when using this website.

5.Investment Decisions

Information posted on this website is provided for the purpose of giving shareholders and investors the opportunity to understand its management policies, business activities, financial position and other aspects of the Company. No information is posted for the purpose of offering advice on investment decisions or soliciting investment. All investment decisions should be made at your own discretion.

6.12-Hour Rule

Public announcement for the purpose of insider trading regulations is deemed final when corporate information is published through the Timely Disclosure Browsing Service on TSE’s website in accordance with Article 30 of Order for Enforcement of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (12-Hour Rule), a requirement for fulfilling public announcements for the purpose of insider trading regulations.
Therefore, the Company discloses information under the Timely Disclosure Rules or important corporate information that the Company believes will affect investment decisions through TDnet in a timely and appropriate manner, and it posts such information on this website as swiftly as possible thereafter.

7.Quiet Period

In order to prevent information leaks regarding the Company’s financial results and ensure fairness in the disclosure of information, the Company observes a quiet period of two weeks prior to the announcement of financial results. During this period, the Company shall refrain from making comments or answering inquiries regarding the settlement of accounts.
However, in the event that results significantly differ from the Company’s forecasts, the Company will appropriately disclose information during the quiet period in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.