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Dividend Information

Fundamental Policy for Distribution of Earnings to Shareholders

To maximize its shareholder value, FRANCE BED HOLDINGS regards profit distribution as one of its key management priorities. The Company decides its dividend by comprehensively taking into account its financial results, operating environment and the necessity of a strong balance sheet, in line with its fundamental policy of making every effort to maintain a stable dividend payment.

In addition, we pay year-end dividends with a record date of March 31 of each year by resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders, and interim dividends with a record date of September 30 of each year by resolution of the Board of Directors, to shareholders or registered pledgees whose names appear or are recorded in the shareholders’ register on each record date.

Dividend Payments

(as of March 31, 2024)

  Cash dividends per share Total dividends paid
Payout ratio
Interim (Yen) Year-end (Yen) Total (Yen)
FY2022 15.00 18.00 33.00 1,210 47.5%
FY2023 16.00 20.00 36.00 1,296 48.1%
FY2024 17.00 22.00 39.00 44.6%
17.00 22.00 39.00 44.8%