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Corporate Philosophy & Message from the CEO

Corporate Philosophy

France Bed aims to be a company that truly cares. Through our creativity and innovation, we help people live a healthy, comfortable and balanced life.

We aim to achieve the greatest possible value for our shareholders, as we create new products and services of the highest quality.

We will continue to leverage the Group’s strengths by effectively utilizing our resources.

Message from the CEO

Seizing the graying of society as a golden opportunity, the France Bed Group makes every effort to develop products and services of the highest standard.

Japan has the highest average life expectancy and is the most rapidly aging country in the world. To meet the needs of this ever-increasing demographic, the France Bed Group is leveraging its resources to develop new cutting-edge products and services. We provide comfort and care for the elderly in our efforts to create a more affluent society. We are also looking beyond Japan and are working tirelessly to ensure that our offerings meet world-class standards—in Europe, Asia or anywhere where the aging population is growing rapidly.

Message from the CEO